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Our overseas agents in Asia countries performs export and import cope with sea/air operations from/to any foreign country.
Air Freight, Sea Freight, Storage and Distribution in Asia, our office in Shanghai and Hong Kong are cope with control all over Asia through our reliable agents network.
Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia, India, Israel, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri-Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

Shanghai Office +86-21-6236-8525 +86-21-6236-8526
Hong Kong Office +852-2570-8737 +852-2591-5007


Seino Super Express works with qualified agents in the major Europe airport/seaport and cooperates with the most reliable and qualified international organization for the best accuracy and service precision.Our Paris Office is cope with control all over European countries.
Austria, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U.A.E

Paris Office +33-7-77236916 +33-1-42662590


As a wholly owned subsidiary of Seino Super Express Company of Japan, Seino Super Express (USA) was originally established as Seibu Transportation (dba: Seibu Airfreight Service), in February of 1962.
It began sales operations in April 1962 from its head office in New York, its head office was moved to Los Angeles in April 1995
Seino Super Express (USA) is the most active within the overseas network having over 58 years of cargo experience. All USA offices are prepared to handle any job and meet any customer’s wish. For further information on how Seino Super Express USA can accommodate your needs, Contact the Los Angeles Headquarter.
Seino Super Express office in U.S.A. (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta)

Los Angeles +1-424-344-7700 +1-424-344-7750
Atlanta +1-404-768-3050 +1-404-765-9646
Chicago +1-630-238-3100 +1-630-238-3120
New York +1-516-561-0046 +1-516-561-0305


International Cargo Solutions who is our agent in Australia and New Zealand.
They are highly professional Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker, well versed in handling all international logistic moves with the highest degree of personalized service.
Whatever you need in importing or exporting between Australia/New Zealand and Japan.
The answer will most definitely be found.

New Zealand

Domestic Network

Head Quater

Head Quater +81-3-6384-7851 +81-3-6384-7859

Branch Office

Narita Air Import Office [NRT] +81-476-32-8220 +81-476-32-8222
Narita Operation Center [NRT] +81-476-32-7780 +81-476-32-5295
Tokyo Int'l Office
(Air Operation Dept.)
+81-3-6456-0141 +81-3-3689-5270
Tokyo Int'l Office
(Ocean Operation Dept.)
+81-3-6456-0321 +81-3-3689-5271
Yokohama Ocean Office +81-45-775-3611 +81-45-775-3618
Nagoya Int'l Office [NGO] +81-569-38-8261 +81-569-38-0515
Osaka Sales Dept. +81-72-887-7011 +81-72-887-7037
Kansai Airport Office [KIX]
(Air Import)
+81-72-456-5760 +81-72-456-8418
Osaka Int’l Office
(Air Export)
+81-72-275-9270 +81-72-275-9271
Osaka Ocean Office +81-6-6475-3131 +81-6-6475-7780
Fukuoka Office [FUK] +81-92-477-0366 +81-92-477-0380
Ohmura Office [NGS] +81-957-53-6074 +81-957-53-2740