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Kangaroo Shopping Service

Deliver the products you have purchased to your home

Service overview

This is a community-based service that delivers the goods that the customer has purchased to the customer's home on the same day on behalf of the store. We will contribute to sales improvement such as acquiring new customers, increasing repeat customers, and increasing customer unit prices!

Service overview

Service flow

Service flow

Service features

We will provide a delivery service that can flexibly respond to your request.

  • Community-based same-day delivery with store-exclusive vehicles
  • Area setting according to the store's business area
  • Time zone setting according to customer's use
  • High quality “real-time delivery”
  • Achieves 3 temperature zone management
  • Hygiene management that does not mix with other products
  • Building trust as a member of the store
  • Correspondence to internet supermarket is also possible
  • Promotion of eco (collection of recycled products, etc.)
  • Contribution to the local community

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