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Shipping (Search by type of freight)

Domestic / Overseas transportation services represented as Kangaroo-Bin express, Reverse logistics / Return management services, Agency services / Support services,
We provide service lineup information such as logistics services.
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Convenient service when sending cargos

Sales office searchYou can find a sales office in your neighborhood.
Fare estimateWith Kangaroo-Bin express Fare Estimate, you can estimate the fare and request to pickup.
Required days searchAccording the date of shipment from the branch / sales office, the general reaching date is displayed.
Search for timetable of long haul truck netwarkEstimated arrival time is displayed with the departure time of the long haul trucks.

Preparing the waybillYou can easily print waybills and support shipping progress on your personal computer.

Web pickup request serviceYou can request to pickup on the Internet for 24 hours. The operation of the pickup request is very easy and convenient.

Check the delivery statusYou can check the delivery status with the inquiry number.
Collective confirmation of delivery statusYou can check the delivery status of the freights in a list format. You can check at once for undelivered cargos.
Confirm delivery status and fare informationYou can check the delivery status of the freights for each waybill. You can also check the fare information at the same time.