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Quick Delivery

Kangaroo-Business-Bin Service

Kangaroo-Business-Bin Service Deliver products addressed to the office in the morning of the next day

Kangaroo SAVE Express Delivery service

Kangaroo SAVE Express (Fast delivery)Deliver products addressed to offices within 800 km the next morning

Kangaroo motorcycle courier service

Kangaroo Bike ExpressSameday ship & delivery Express on Bike

Kangaroo Same Day Delivery Service

Kangaroo Same Day Delivery ServiceTransport ambulance. Same-day delivery

Kangaroo Air Freight

Kangaroo Air FreightDeliver to major cities in the nation the next day by aircraft

Kangaroo Super 9 Service / Kangaroo Super 10 Service

Kangaroo Super 9  Service / Kangaroo Super 10 ServiceDeliver by 9am or 10am in the next morning

Kangaroo Postal-Mail-Bin Service

Kangaroo Postal-Mail-Bin ServiceCatalog, pamphlet, magazine posting service

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Magazines / Catalogs / DM

Kangaroo Postal-Mail-Bin Service

Kangaroo Postal-Mail-Bin ServiceCatalog, pamphlet, magazine posting service

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Delivering for goods of stores and online shops

Kangaroo shopping service

Kangaroo Shopping Agent ServiceWhen you want to deliver the products from shop to your homeけ

Kangaroo cash on delivery service

Kangaroo cash on delivery/advancement payment serviceCollect the price at delivery

Kangaroo mail order service

Kangaroo Mail Order servicePackage service for mail-order businesses

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When you want to import or export efficiently

International transportation service

International shipping serviceOne Stop International integrated combined transportation provided from sales offices nationwide

Kangaroo International Courier Service

International transportation serviceEasy procedure,  Door to Door overseas courier

International AIR pack

International AIR pack service Seino will solve your troubles. An easy-to-understand package fee that enables integrated transportation from domestic to overseas. Collective shipping is even more profitable

Global 3PL

Global 3PLProviding logistics services through the Seino Group's global network that connects to the world

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Simplify shipping and office work

Shipping support serviceReduce the work of logistics personnel by linking systems

Kangaroo Magic IICustomer's work reduction and work efficiency improvement system

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Confidential documents disposal

Confidential document collection boxCollect and process confidential documents including personal information at a reasonable package price

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Return logistics management

Kangaroo 3R collection serviceWe achieve an operational efficiency and cost reduction by centrally management related to "collection and returns," through the nationwide transportation and information network

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Moving Office

Office relocationFull support for efficient office relocation