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Service lineup (International service)

Seino's land transportation service is covering all over the country. Our truck terminals are located nationwide, from Hokkaido Island in the north to Okinawa in the south.
Seino Transportation provides high-quality services that only we can provide, by unifying the logistics facilities and transportation networks of the Seino Group.

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International service

International transportation service

International transportation serviceOne Stop International integrated transportation provided from our logistics facilities nationwide

Kangaroo International Courier Service

International transportation serviceSimple procedure, Door to Door overseas delivery

International AIR pack

International AIR packSeino will solve your problems. An easy-to-understand package rate for integrated transportation from domestic to overseas. Collective shipping is even more profitable as well.

Global 3PL

Global 3PL_linkProviding seamless logistics services on a global scale by utilizing the Seino Group's global network, which is connected to approximately 1,100 locations around the world.

Estimate of sea export fare

Estimate of sea export fare_linkEstimate the transportation fee (fare) for international transportation from the place of departure, landing, etc.

Estimated air export freight

Estimated air export freightEstimate international air transportation charges (freight) from the shipper's location(prefecture), country of arrival, etc.

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