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We set up "optimal logistics" by managing logistics from our customers' "procurement" to "sales" by utilizing our distribution centers and warehouses nationwide, and contribute to the mazimization of "profit" and "cash flow" for our customers.

Logi Trans function

Logi Trans

We support your corporate management with the combined functions of logistics and transportation.

About Logistics

About Logistics

We regard "logistics" as a part of management strategy in the corporate activities of our customers, and coordinate everything from "procurement" to "sales".

Factory function


Customers' manufacturing, assembly, inspection, disassembly, distribution processing, etc. are conducted by Seino Logi Trans.

Introduction of distribution center

Please use the distribution center near the customer's trade area as the front DC.

Kangaroo SLIMS-SP

We calculate the appropriate ordering point from the flow of goods to the distribution center and propose the required number of orders at the required time.

Extraction of issues

Use the issue check sheet to extract customer issues in an easy-to-understand manner.

In-house delivery

In-house delivery will be performed efficiently by batch receipt and batch delivery.

Logistics Services

Total Logistics Services Reliable "IT" and a network of bases covering the whole country. Realize the reconstruction of distribution bases with "short delivery time" and "low cost".        

Supply Chain Management System One-stop management of all operations that transcend corporate boundaries, such as customer "order management" by integrating IT systems and management centers.

Terminal integrated logistics With a truck terminal that can ship nationwide and a distribution center, it is possible to flexibly handle emergency shipments that warehouse companies do not have. 

VMI (Vender managed Inventory) service Inventory of multiple clients is managed collectively at the management center, and automatic ordering and replenishment are realized from users on behalf of suppliers.

Operation/Support System The number of workers in the warehouse has been reduced by realizing a warehouse management system that utilizes SLIMS-WH and a handy terminal.        

Recall management service When a situation that requires a recall occurs, we will respond promptly and accurately together with your company.