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Fare Estimate (Kangaroo-Bin transport)

Service overview

Check the price by specifying the departure and arriving place

Estimate the shipping fee (fare) from the consignor address (origin), consignee address (destination), quantity, and weight (size).

Please check the following notes and click the "Check fare" button.

Check fare

Please refer to the following for Seino Transportation's Kangaroo-Bin transport fare table (by area / by size / by parcel).
Area: Hokkaido, North Tohoku, South Tohoku, Kanto, Central, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, North Kyushu, South Kyushu
Size: P S M L

Please note

The quotation and price list do not include the charges for the following items.
Please understand that there may be an additional charge.

  • If we cannot carry it by one person, and depending on the location of the customer, you may be required to pay for additional carrying vehicle or a worker's fee. In those cases, an additional fee will be charged.
  • For deliveries that require packing, an additional packing fee will be charged.
  • For remote islands, some additional fare may be required.
  • Some areas may not be delivered depending on the seasonal condition.
  • As insurance premium of 10 yen will be charged every 10,000 yen price.
    (The minimum insurance premium is 50 yen per shipping waybill.)
  • For transportation in which a designated contractor performs in-house delivery in a commercial complex, office building, joint delivery area, etc. and the actual delivery cost is required, that will be added to the contract fare as"limited location delivery actual cost".

Freight that cannot be handled

Seino Transportation does not handle the kinds of following freights.
Please contact your nearest sales office for details.

For Mini-Bin parcel size (length + width + height = up to 130 cm and actual weight up to 20 kg)

  • Extremely fragile items such as glass cases
  • Raw seafood, meat, etc. which are worried about spoilage in 2 or 3 days
    * For products that require cold storage, please use the Kangaroo-Chilled-Bin service.
  • Valuables and expensive items over 300,000 yen
  • Animals, Pets
  • Explosives and dangerous goods
  • Cash / Securities

When the size of a Mini-Bin parcel is exceeded (length + width + height = 130 cm or more or actual weight is 20 kg or more)

  • Valuables and expensive items such as arts and antiques
  • Animals, Pets
  • Motorcycle

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