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About Logistics

About Logistics (Overview)

Logistics has the concept of "what you need, when you need it, as much as you need" for activities that handle things such as "carrying" and "storage." It is a management that increases profits and cash flow by synchronizing supply activities with the market to minimize inventory, and reducing inventory disposal due to excess inventory and opportunity loss due to shortages.

In addition, "synchronization" in this means to match the timing, simply to say, to supply only the amount of what is sold, We aim to utilize effective management resources by maximizing "Profit" and "Cash Flow".

Logistics points

Logistics, which we consider, is to regard "logistics" as a part of the management strategy in the corporate activities conducted by customers, is to coordinates from "procurement" to "sales" in total, and is to aim to build optimal logistics for customers by not sticking stick to our assets from forwarding perspective.

For example, for products imported from overseas, from the concept of "overall optimization", we improve the efficency of logistics by selecting the optimal transportation mode for our custmers, by judging the strengths of many alliance companies appropriately in addition to our assets.

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