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Kangaroo mail order service

Package service for mail-order businesses
Delivery time designation

Service overview

Kangaroo mail order service is a product that packages services for mail-order customers.


Size Size (total of length, width and height) Weight
P Within 60 cm Up to 2 kg
S Within 70 cm Up to 5 kg
M Within 100 cm Up to 10 kg
L Within 130 cm Up to 20 kg

How to measure the size

Cardboard How to measure the size

For how to measure the size, add up the length + width + height and check the size against the table at the top.

Find a sales office

For service details and prices, please contact our sales office near you.

Required days search

Click here for a rough guide to the delivery date from the date of shipment.

Items that cannot be handled

Use of dedicated invoice

Vanity cases are also products for customers who use mail-order sales. Therefore, the invoice for kangaroo mail order service uses "peeling type". We will deliver the products you have received "as is".

  • The peelable invoice has a weakly viscous glue, so it is easy to peel off and the exterior of the product is not easily damaged.
  • When shipping a mail-order service for Kangaroo Magic II, it is necessary to use the stick-on invoice exclusively for

Collection of product price

We will also undertake the collection of the product price. The fare for kangaroo mail order servise is set to include the COD fee, so it is easy to understand and the price is reasonable.

  • Of course, kangaroo mail order service that only deliver without cash on delivery are OK!

Full support for customers

Our sales staff will make proposals to realize high efficiency and low cost for each mail order company.

When using the "cash on delivery service"

[Confirmation items]

  1. We only deliver goods in exchange for cash.
  2. Your company (seller) entrusts the Company (transportation company) with the transportation of goods, the collection of the goods price, and the proxy receipt business, and the consignee receives the goods price to be paid to you from the consignee on your behalf. You shall be granted the authority to do so.
  3. Some areas cannot be handled.
  4. In the following cases, we will send goods back to the shipper on payment on delivery
    ・ If the consignee does not receive the item
    ・ When the delivery address stated on the invoice does not actually exist
    ・ If the consignee cannot deliver the item within 7 days after arrival at the delivery shop.
    * Cash on delivery fee will be charged even if the item is returned to the shipper.
  5. Dangerous goods, money, securities, etc. cannot be handled.
  6. We will check the type and nature of the cargo.
  7. We will refuse to accept products that violate the law or public order and morals.
  8. Please be sure to inform the person in charge of personal information, high-priced items, and other items that require special treatment.
  9. The maximum amount of compensation for damages is 500,000 yen.
  10. If you do not pay the freight etc., it will be offset against the item price.
  11. We will not refund the collected price even if the consignee requests a refund.

Delivery designation

You can use the following designated services at the time of delivery together.

  • Please check to our customer service centerThis is a service that allows the customer to specify the delivery time.Delivery time  specification iconSpecifying delivery time zone

Delivery time designation

Please use the designated delivery time zone to deliver the product to the purchaser as soon as possible.

Specifiable time zone

  • 9:00~12:00
  • 12:00~17:00
  • 17:00~20:00

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