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Kangaroo valuables transportation service

Deliver small products up to 20 kg per unit addressed to the office
Designation of delivery dateBusiness office stop designation
Personal information insurance

Box for exclusive use of valuables

It is a service that delivers documents and storage media containing personal information and confidential information safely and securely using "dedicated BOX".
At each point where the goods pass during transportation, barcode scanning is performed on the terminal device, and in addition, the progress status of the transportation is confirmed by a dedicated tracking management system,
so the quality of transportation is higher than that of normal transportation.

Ideal for transporting such "goods"!
・Documents containing "personal information" such as my number and address
・Storage media containing important data
・Products without substitutes

*A prior application is required to use the service.
 Please note that the service may not be available in some areas.
※We cannot handle correspondence.
 A letter is a document that indicates the intention of the sender or informs the fact to a specific recipient.

Dadicated Box


The dedicated BOX can be used as it is without breaking A3 size documents.
A cardboard box.
When you apply, our employees will deliver it to you.

・Internal size: 30 cm x 43 cm x 14 cm
・Weight: up to 20kg/box

*The price for the exclusive BOX is included in the price and is not charged separately.
*The exclusive BOX can only be used once.
* Boxes and materials other than the dedicated BOX cannot be transported.
*Please prepare the packing tape etc. by the customer.
*You cannot purchase the exclusive BOX only.


Shipping fee + exclusive BOX fee + insurance for personal information (tax not included)

(Unit: Yen)

Southern Kyushu Kitakyushu Shikoku China Kinki Chubu Kanto South Tohoku North Tohoku Hokkaido



Hokkaido 5,240 5,020 5,020 4,800 4,360 3,920 3,700 3,260 3,260 2,820
North Tohoku 4,580 4,360 4,140 3,920 3,480 3,260 3,040 2,820 2,820 3,260
South Tohoku 4,360 4,140 3,920 3,700 3,260 3,040 2,820 2,820 2,820 3,260
Kanto 3,920 3,700 3,480 3,260 3,040 2,820 2,820 2,820 3,040 3,700
Chubu 3,480 3,260 3,260 3,040 2,820 2,820 2,820 3,040 3,260 3,920
Kinki 3,260 3,040 3,040 2,820 2,820 2,820 3,040 3,260 3,920 4,360
China 3,040 2,820 3,040 2,820 2,820 3,040 3,260 3,920 4,140 4,800
Shikoku 3,260 3,040 2,820 3,040 3,040 3,260 3,480 4,140 4,360 5,020
Kitakyushu 2,820 2,820 3,040 2,820 3,040 3,260 3,700 4,360 4,580 5,020
Southern Kyushu 2,820 2,820 3,260 3,040 3,260 3,480 3,920 4,360 4,580 5,240

Carry-on discount: If you bring it to our sales office, we will give you a 100 yen discount per box.

*The remote island actual cost, the in-house delivery actual cost, the limited place delivery actual cost, and the fuel surcharge will be charged separately.
*The maximum insurance coverage is 2 million yen. Please refer to the following for insurance content and raising the limit.


Personal information insurance

In the unlikely event of an accident during transportation, if personal information is leaked, the following expenses paid by the customer
We will pay the insurance premium at the payment limit.

Main damages covered by insurance payment

  •  Expenses required for press conference/announcement/advertisement/preparation/sending
  •  Complaint handling cost
  •  Gift of purchase of gifts
  •  Consulting fee

The maximum insurance coverage is 2 million yen.
You can increase the limit by adding charges (up to 30 million yen).

Payment limit Amount added to the fee
2 million yen Included in basic charge
5 million yen +150 yen
10 million yen +350 yen
20 million yen +800 yen
30 million yen +1050 yen

Duralumin BOX for valuables

Duralumin BOX for exclusive use of valuables is a rental service of Seino Transportation original duralumin case with GPS.
Regarding transportation during rental, similar to the box for exclusive use of valuablesWe will ship with higher quality control than normal shipping.

*A prior application is required to use the service.
 Please note that the service may not be available in some areas.

Duralumin box


・Internal size: 30cm x 52cm x 38cm
・Weight: 6 kg (empty weight)

Rental exhibit... 1 duralumin BOX, 1 duralumin BOX key,
    1 GPS terminal, 1 case for GPS terminal,
    One AC adapter for GPS terminal

*Since the duralumin BOX and GPS equipment are for rental, there may be some usability, scratches, and stains.
If you lose or damage the duralumin BOX or GPS equipment, the actual cost will be charged.


Rental fee (excluding tax): ¥6,500/30 days

The price includes delivery of the duralumin BOX at the start of rental and the fare for collection at the end.

*Transportation fee during rental is not included. A separate quote will be required for shipping charges.
 For transportation, you can purchase the same personal information insurance as the valuables transportation box.
*The rental period is 30 days. If the rental period exceeds 30 days, the next 30 days will be charged.
 (We do not make a daily payment)

Flow of use

1. Application
  Please apply at the nearest branch or sales office.
  Click here to find the nearest branch or sales office

2. Fill in the application form
  Our employees will visit and give you an application form.

3. Delivery of duralumin BOX
  We will deliver the duralumin BOX within 2 days to 1 week.

4. During use period
  The tracking of GPS during the use period will be performed by the customer → our GPS management center → the customer.
  You cannot directly check the GPS location by yourself.

5. Return of duralumin BOX
  When returning the product, please let the customer know the intention to end it by 7 days before the end date.
  We will go to the place where you delivered it at the start of rental to collect it.
  * Delivery of duralumin BOX at the start of rental and collection at the end of rental will be from the same address

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