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Kangaroo Charter Delivery

Charter your vehicle according to your order
Just-in-time delivery
Delivery time designationCustody time designation

Service overview

Completely made-to-order service from collection to delivery according to customers' wishes.
We also respond to customers' requests regarding selection of vehicle types, collection and delivery times.

From light trucks to large vehicles, we can flexibly prepare according to the cargo volume of the shipper. A dedicated driver will provide consistent support from collection to delivery.

We also accept charter service for products that are less than one vehicle.
For example, you can use it when you want to use the same service as chartered flights, although it is not enough to charter a 4-ton car.
Of course, the fare depends on the quantity of products, so you can use it without waste.

Sales office search

*Please contact your nearest sales office for handling areas and charges.

Required days search

Click here for a guideline for the delivery date from the date of shipment.

Delivery specified

You can also use the following designated services for delivery.

  • Please check to our customer service centerThis is a service that allows the customer to specify the delivery time.Delivery time  specification iconSpecifying delivery time zone
  • HelpThis product is a product for which the customer can specify the storage time.Delivery time designation iconDesignated time zone

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