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Kangaroo Postal-Mail-Bin Service

Catalog, pamphlet, magazine posting service
Cost reduction

Service overview

Strongly back up your business using the delivery network of Japan Post!
We reliably deliver catalogs, pamphlets, magazines, sample products, sample products, etc. to the office and home.

Handling area

Delivered all over Japan

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Three features of Kangaroo POSTAL mail service

1. Cost reduction

Seino Transportation uses Japan Post's "Yu-mail special fares" to significantly reduce shipping costs. Please feel the cost performance!

Cost reduction

2.Safe and secure

We deliver kangaroo mail anywhere in Japan. We provide high-quality delivery through the use of the Japan Post Delivery Net.

3. No hassle

Seino Transportation also handles time-consuming distribution processing tasks such as delivery, storage, picking, inspection, and encapsulation.

Flow from application to shipping

Flow from application to shipping

Kangaroo Postal Mail Service Mechanism

Kangaroo Postal Mail Service Mechanism

Handling standards and target products

  • Size: 36 cm x 25 cm x 3.0 cm
  • Weight: up to 3kg
  • Catalogs, pamphlets, magazines, sample products, sample products, etc.
  • Electromagnetic recording media such as CD/DVD
  • Letters such as diplomas, invoices and delivery notes cannot be handled.

Please contact us for shipping of non-standard products.

Precautions for use

Delivery lead time

As a guideline, 3 to 5 days after delivery to the mailing distribution center.
However, the number of days will change if there is distribution processing.

Delivery completion report

It is a service that does not require a receipt stamp to be delivered to a mailbox.
We will return the delivery if the address is unknown or the address is unknown. This is the end.

  • In case of loss or damage, we will refund the fare or carry a free replacement.
    There is no compensation if delivery is delayed.
  • The delivery status of the Kangaroo Postal mail service cannot be confirmed on the Internet.

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