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International Transportation Services

The Seino Transportation Group's international transportation network is connected to approximately 1,100 bases worldwide and covers approximately 96% of the global market.
We will connect Japan and the world by utilizing a network of over 700 route flights nationwide.

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Seino Group International Transportation Service

Seino Transportation provides international transportation services not only at major sea/air ports, but also at local sea/air ports nationwide. We are also providing economical and speedy transportation services tailored to each customer.

Estimate for international sea transportation
Estimate airfreight

  • International Sea Transport (FLC) Transport Service
  • International Sea Consolidation (LCL) Transport Service
  • International Air Transport Service

Seino's international logistics solution

Domestic network

Seino Transportation provides international transportation services not only at major sea/air ports, but also at local sea/air ports nationwide. We are also providing economical and speedy transportation services tailored to each customer.

Seino's national network

Seino Transportation's international logistics function

The Seino Transportation Group is connected to approximately 1,100 locations around the world, covering approximately 96% of the world market. We provide the optimal international logistics services of "land/sea/air" connected to domestic networks nationwide.

Schenker's Worldwide Network

Seino Transportation Logistics Center

Seino Transportation's logistics centers are located near major airports and seaports in Japan. They have storage and distribution processing functions such as assembling and packaging. The logistics facilities can create domestic and overseas connections as well.

Seino Transportation Logistics Center

International sea transport

International Maritime (FCL) Transportation Service

We will arrange international sea container transportation according to your desired trade conditions. We will propose the most suitable plan by making full use of the Seino Group's international transportation network.

International Sea Consolidation (LCL) Transport Service

For cargo less than one international sea container, you can use the international sea cargo (LESS CONTAINER LOAD = LCL) transportation service, which transports cargo by stacking it with other customers' cargo. We will utilize the Seino Group's domestic route flight network to collect and deliver. We also offer mixed marine loading services for Japan from all over the world.

Service overview diagram

Maritime export case

Flow of sea export cargo

Case of marine import

Flow of imported cargo at sea

Case Study

Devan on truck

Even if a product that arrives in a marine container cannot be delivered due to reasons such as the consignee's inability to unload (devanning) or the marine container cannot be received, the Seino Group's "LogiTrans" function can be used to solve the problem. I can do it.

We accept marine containers at the Seino Group's distribution center and can arrange route flights and charter flights according to delivery conditions. It is also possible to store some products and ship them as needed.

Flow of sea export cargo

International air transport

International Air Transport Service

We will connect the world and Japan with optimal lead times and costs that meet the diversifying transportation needs of our customers.
We combine various transportation modes to provide efficient and integrated transportation.

Service overview diagram

Air export case

Flow of air export cargo

Air import case

Flow of air import cargo


Logi Trans + ONE

Logi Trans + "International Transport" provided by Narita Branch

Get closer to the world with "Career x Forwarder"
We optimize the "time" and "cost" required for transfer/procedure between both parties (carrier/forwarder).

Seino Transportation Narita Branch

Flow of imported cargo

Shortened lead time by integrating the world's first truck terminal and air cargo cross dock warehouse

Flow of imported cargo

  • The above is a standard schedule at this time, and does not guarantee cut time or delivery date.

Logi Trans function

What is "Seino Logi Trans"?

Logistics Transportation Optimal Logistics Transportation network to all parts of Japan Terminal integrated DC

Value creation that can only be done by carriers with a nationwide network

Providing "optimal logistics" with Seino Logi Trans.

No pickup
Operation warehouse function
Value Added Service function

"Logistics transformer" is a combined function of logistics (logistics) + transportation (transportation).
We provide optimal international logistics services that only carriers with a nationwide logistics network can provide.

Management support function of Logi Trans

  1. Logistics planning
  2. Joint planning of slim logistics without waste

  3. Operation
  4. No human resources or facilities other than sales and manufacturing required

  5. Sales
  6. Strengthen sales by speeding up information sharing

  7. General affairs
  8. Management of stored documents and equipments, easy supply

We will consolidate (After) multiple bases + multiple transportation in the current situation (Before), and realize effective utilization of human resources and no delivery and collection.

Effective utilization of human resources, no delivery and collection

Seino Transportation Factory function

Service overview

For exported cargo, the cargo collected from all over the country can be temporarily stored, processed, crated, etc. at our logistics centers. Our logistics centers can also be used as export shipping depots.

In addition to normal storage, inventory management, shipping, etc. storage operations, we also carry out incidental operations related to various manufacturing processes such as distribution processing, inspection, inspection, filling, etc. that you carry out at your distribution center nationwide. We will propose the know-how obtained from the various work results that are available to meet the needs of your company.

FACTORY factory

  • From "logistic transformer + factory" = "logistics + transportation", take a step further into the customer's manufacturing process and add "added value".
  • Works that correspond to factories include manufacturing, assembly, inspection, disassembly, and distribution processing.
  • Utilization of “listening sheet” to identify issues that customers are not aware of

  • Contributing to improve customer's value chain

Please use Seino Transportation's distribution center as your factory.

Case Study

Assembly and delivery of large store fixtures

Case 1) Assembly and delivery of large store fixtures

We are entrusted with the storage, assembly and delivery of furniture that home appliance manufacturers install in mass retailers.
Eliminates the hassle of assembly in the backyard of a mass retailer, and ships finished products nationwide.

Disassembly of used machinery

Case 2) Disassembly of used machine

Contracted disassembly of used machine parts at stores.
Using an impact driver, one machine is disassembled into parts and shipped to the parts inspection process.

Cleaning of machine parts

Case 3) Cleaning of mechanical parts

Use ultrasonic cleaner to clean machine parts.
After ultrasonic cleaning, we use a special jig to remove dirt one by one and polish up to reusable parts up to the fine groove.

Deodorant filling

Case 4) Filling with deodorant

Fill the bottle with deodorant using a filling machine.
After filling, they were individually packaged and packed in a cosmetic box, and shipped to the shipper's sales offices nationwide upon request.

This is amazing at Logi Trance!

As your domestic distribution base, the Seino Group's "logistics / transformer function" can handle not only daily storage and warehousing / delivery operations, but also distribution processing such as assembly and assortment.
As a gateway that directly connects to the world and the domestic network of 700 bases nationwide, we provide "plus α" international logistics services that can only be done by an actual transportation company.


Flow of export


Flow of imported cargo

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any documents required for importing/exporting (customs clearance)?
A. Usually an invoice, packing list and product catalog is required.
Q. How can I manage the complexity of importing from multiple suppliers?
A. By using Seino Transportation's nationwide network and consolidating your products, we can improve the efficiency of your delivery.
Q. Is distribution processing possible?
A. You can use high quality distribution processing service not only in Japan but also at overseas facilities.
Q. If the delivery deadline is tight, is it possible to adjust the schedule and inventory?
A. We provide an optimal inventory management, as well as a flexible and reliable shipping schedule.
Q. Can you manage the information?
A. It is possible to manage information from overseas to the final destinations in Japan.

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