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General product

Kangaroo-Tokkyu-Bin Express

Kangaroo ExpressWe deliver products that weigh more than 20 kg per one piece and products with more than two pieces quickly, reliably and safely.

Kangaroo-Mini-Bin Parcel

Kangaroo Mini-bin serviceDelivering small products up to 20 kg per piece
We respond to all your needs from daily items to documents

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Refrigerated / Frozen products

Kangaroo-Chilled-Bin Parcel

Kangaroo Chilled serviceFrom pickupping to delivery, you can choose refrigerating temperature range / freezing temperature range

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Magazines / Catalogs / DM

Kangaroo Postal-Mail-Bin Service

Kangaroo Postal Mail ServiceUnattended delivery service for catalog, pamphlet, magazine


Expensive products

Kangaroo valuables transportation service

Kangaroo valuables transportation serviceIt is a service that safely and securely delivers documents and storage media containing personal information and confidential information in a "dedicated BOX".

Kangaroo high-priced item service

Kangaroo expensive products transportation serviceWe provide transportation and transportation insurance as a package

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Kangaroo Letter Service

Kangaroo correspondence serviceReliably deliver letter according to customer needs

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Furniture / Home appliances / Bicycles

Kangaroo moving service (family moving)We propose the most suitable moving service according to your budget and schedule

Office relocationFull support for efficient office relocation

International moving service

Overseas moving serviceA department specializing in moving that is familiar with overseas circumstances delivers household goods safely

Kangaroo bicycle event serviceService that delivers competition bicycles to event venues such as road races and triathlon competitions and destinations such as cycling and moving

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Large amount of products

JITBOX-Charter-Bin service

JITBOX charter serviceApproximately 2 cubic meters of box-by-box pickupping and specified time delivery

Kangaroo Charter Delivery

Kangaroo charter serviceJust-in-time delivery to charter the vehicle according to the customer's order

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