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Kangaroo Letter Service

Deliver the letter service corresponding to the first specified letter service

Service overview

We will deliver the letter service that corresponds to the first specified letter service.
*This service is based on regular delivery (payment collection/delivery service/regular collection/delivery service) with fixed collection and delivery destinations.

       milk run delivery service   regular_pickup and delivery service

What is a letter?

A document that shows the intention of the sender or informs the fact to a specific recipient.

Item Examples of documents corresponding to correspondence
Invoice type Invoice, receipt, quotation, application, application, declaration, request, contract, inquiry, response, consent
Meeting convocation notices Wedding invitations, business reports
Permit type License, certificate, certificate of recognition
Kind of certificate Seal certificate, tax payment certificate, copy of family register, resident card copy

Please see the Another window iconfor details regarding correspondence.

Handling conditions

   The following two conditions must be met.
  1. The total size of the vertical, horizontal, and height sides after packaging exceeds 90cm and within 180cm
    Alternatively, a letter/mail item weighing more than 4kg and less than 50kg
  2.   *It is necessary to meet either size or weight requirements.
  3. Correspondence letter that is offered for about 15 days per month and for more than half a year.

Advance application (advance contract)

"Since there are areas in which the service cannot be handled due to the permission of the specific letter mail business acquired by our company in the Postal Law and the Letter Mail Law, Please contact your nearest sales office as it is necessary to confirm the destination, route and schedule in advance. "
*Please contact your nearest sales office for details on available areas.

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