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Service Lineup (Domestic)

Seino's land transportation service is covering all over the country. Our truck terminals are located nationwide, from Hokkaido Island in the north to Okinawa in the south.
Seino Transportation provides high-quality services that only we can provide, by unifying the logistics facilities and transportation networks of the Seino Group.

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Transportation service

Kangaroo-Tokkyu-Bin Express

Kangaroo-Tokkyu-Bin ExpressA standard service that delivers products regardless of size
We deliver products that weigh more than 20 kg with one mouth and products with more than two mouths quickly, reliably and safely.

Kangaroo-Mini-Bin Parcel

Kangaroo-Mini-Bin ParcelDeliver small products up to 20 kg per unit to business offices
We respond to all your needs from everyday items that are often used to documents

Kangaroo courier service

Kangaroo courier serviceWe will deliver individual products to small items with a total of 130 cm or less on one side of 20 kg or less on one side

Kangaroo bicycle event serviceService that delivers competition bicycles to event venues such as road races and triathlon competitions and destinations such as cycling and moving

JITBOX-Charter-Bin service

JITBOX-Charter-Bin serviceApproximately 2 cubic meters of box-by-box collection and specified time delivery

Kangaroo Charter Delivery

Kangaroo Charter DeliveryJust-in-time delivery to charter the vehicle according to the customer's order

Kangaroo valuables transportation service

Kangaroo valuables transportation serviceDeliver confidential and important documents under strict control

Kangaroo-Chilled-Bin Parcel

Kangaroo-Chilled-Bin Parcel From collection to delivery, you can choose refrigerating temperature range / freezing temperature range

Kangaroo Postal-Mail-Bin Service

Kangaroo Postal-Mail-Bin ServiceCatalog, pamphlet, magazine posting service

Kangaroo Letter Service

Kangaroo Letter Service Deliver the letter service corresponding to the first specified letter service

Timed service

Kangaroo Super 9 Service / Kangaroo Super 10 Service

Kangaroo Super 9  Service / Kangaroo Super 10 ServiceDeliver by 9am or 10am the next morning

Kangaroo-Business-Bin Service

Kangaroo-Business-Bin ServiceDeliver products addressed to the office in the morning of the next day

Kangaroo SAVE Express Delivery service

Kangaroo SAVE Express Delivery serviceDeliver products addressed to offices within 800 km the next morning

Kangaroo motorcycle courier service

Kangaroo motorcycle courier serviceSame-day delivery of same-day shipments by motorcycle

Kangaroo Same Day Delivery Service

Same-day delivery of same-day shipments by motorcycleTransport ambulance. Same-day delivery

Kangaroo Air Freight

Kangaroo Air FreightDelivered to major cities nationwide the next day using an aircraft

Cash on delivery/settlement service

Kangaroo cash on delivery service

Kangaroo cash on delivery/advancement payment serviceCollect the item price at the time of delivery

Kangaroo mail order service

Kangaroo mail order servicePackage service for mail-order businesses

Delivery/Agent Delivery Service

Kangaroo shopping service

Kangaroo shopping serviceDeliver the products the customer has purchased to your home

Optional Convenience Service

Payment by direct debit serviceEliminate the troublesome transfer procedure. No hassle, easy account withdrawal

Group service

Aggregate flight serviceTransportation form in which parcels are consolidated from each Shikoku store to the base store and operated again from the base

Hearse sleeper businessA professional driver specialized in transportation will carry the product with sincerity.

Joint drug deliveryTransportation of pharmaceutical vehicles from pharmaceutical manufacturers to pharmaceutical wholesalers

Domestic serviceOverseas serviceMoving serviceSolution serviceShopping service