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Logi Trans function

We support your company with the combined functions of logistics (logistics) + transportation (transportation).

Service overview

What is "Seino Logi Trans"?

Logistics Transportation Optimal Logistics Transportation network to all parts of Japan Terminal integrated DC

Value creation that can only be done by carriers with a nationwide network

Providing "optimal logistics" with Seino Logi Trans.

No pickup
Operation warehouse function
Value Added Service function

Functions / Effects

The log / transformer function seamlessly connects DC and TC.

Goods receiptStorageGoods shipment

AssemblyMeasurement packingAssorted assembly

SortingNew HubDelivery

Management support function of Logi Trans

  1. Logistics planning
  2. Joint planning of slim logistics without waste

  3. Operation
  4. No human resources or facilities other than sales and manufacturing required

  5. Sales
  6. Strengthen sales by speeding up information sharing

  7. General affairs
  8. Management of stored documents and equipments, easy supply

We will consolidate (After) multiple bases + multiple transportation in the current situation (Before), and realize effective utilization of human resources and no delivery and collection.

Effective utilization of human resources, no delivery and collection

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