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Kangaroo Mini-bin service

Deliver small products up to 20 kg per unit addressed to the office
Designation of delivery dateDesignation of delivery time zoneBusiness office stop designationDelivery designated on Sundays and holidays
Absent redelivery date designation

Service overview

We respond to all your needs, from everyday items to documents.
We will deliver a small product (parcel) up to 20 kg per unit addressed to the business office at a reasonable price.


We handle products up to 20 kg.

Size Size (Total Length, Width, Height) Weight
P Within 60 cm Within 2 kg
S Within 70 cm Within 5kg
M Within 100 cm Within 10 kg
L Within 130 cm Within 20 kg

How to measure the size

Cardboard How to measure the size

For how to measure the size, add up the length + width + height and check the size against the table above.

Fare estimate

  • Please use Kangaroo Express for products that weigh more than 20 kg and that the size (total of vertical, horizontal, and height) exceeds approximately 130 cm.
  • A separate charge is required for Okinawa Prefecture and remote islands.
  • There is a 100 yen discount on bringing items to the sales office. 
  • For transportation that requires designated delivery charges within the complex, such as complex commercial facilities, office buildings, and joint delivery districts, and the actual delivery costs are incurred, the actual delivery charges will be added to the contract fare.

Items that cannot be handled

  • Fragile items such as glass cases
  • Raw seafood, meat, etc. that are worried about spoilage in 2-3 days
  • Explosives and dangerous goods
  • Cash, securities
  • For products that need to be kept cool, please use Kangaroo-Chilled-Bin Parcel.
  • Please use the Kangaroo high-priced item service for valuables and high-priced items over 300,000 yen.
  • Please use the Kangaroo Express for motorcycles

Find a sales office

We also accept designation of [business office suspension] of the business office pick-up service.

Required days search

Click here for a rough guide to the delivery date from the date of shipment.

Delivery specified

You can also use the following designated services for delivery.

  • Please check to our customer service centerThis service allows customers to specify the delivery date.Delivery date specification iconSpecifying delivery date
  • Please check to our customer service centerThis is a service that allows the customer to specify the delivery time.Delivery time  specification iconSpecifying delivery time zone
  • ヘルプThis product is a product that you can specify the delivery time for redelivery.Absent redelivery date designation iconAbsent redelivery date designation
  • HelpThis product is a product that can be designated as a business stop.Sales office stop iconBusiness office stop designation
  • Please check to our customer service centerThis service allows customers to specify delivery on Sunday and holidays.Sunday and holidays delivery specifying iconSpecifying deliver on Sunday and holidays

Delivery time designation

You can specify the delivery time from [AM] [PM].

Specifiable time zone

  • 【a.m】
  • 【afternoon】

Business office stop designation

You can pick up the product at the nearest sales office or the designated sales office by "Stop sales office designation".

If it is "stop business office",
 ・You can pick it up at your convenience
 ・You can receive it sooner than delivery
 ・It can be used as a delivery base (after collection, you can go straight to the destination)
 ・Can be picked up at a business trip destination (remote location)

*Click here for the available pick-up time at each sales office.

Packing material

Convenient materials are available for Kangaroo Mini-bin service.

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