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Frequently Asked Questions (Recruitment)


    What are the characteristics of Seino Transportation?

    Our main business is business-to-business logistics centered on commercial logistics (B to B). In addition, we are also focusing on operations in various fields such as cunsumer services, 3PL business, moving, and reverse logistics.

    How is the atmosphere of the company?

    Our mission is that "contributing to the national society by always providing the best services that please our customers through logistics." We believe that regular communication between employees is important on basis in order to always provide the best service. In addition, we have good relationship and teamwork between employees because the work is done in a group system.

    Do you have a dormitory?

    Dormitories for single are located at sales offices all over the country. You can live in for a rent of 5,000 to 17,000 yen a month. ( family domrmitories 5,500 to 66,300 yen) However, it may not be available, so please contact us when you join the company.

    Are there opportunities I have to work on Sundays or holidays?

    We sometimes have to work on Sundays or holidays as a turn. However, if you work on Sundays or holidays, company should give a compensatory day off to you, so the number of days off will not decrease.

    What is Seino Transportation's future vision?

    Going forward, we will focus on the 3PL business and develop the 3PL business with the vision of establishing the Seino Transportation brand called "Seino as the Logistics Provider." *3PL means Contract Logistics.

Office work (new graduate / experienced)

    Please tell me about the training

    For one year, we will offer on-site training centered on drivers job, where we will conduct training with the awareness of thinking about our own solutions to on-site issues. The main purpose is to experience the work of a sales driver, which called the face of the company, and to utilize this experience to gain confidence in future work and to understand the entire business flow.

    Please tell me about the career plan

    On-site training will be provided for one year after joining the company (read above). The second year's working place will be decided based on the work content, your desire about region , aptitude, and company policies. After that, you will aim to become a Manager / Director while getting career through strategic job rotation.

    Is there a possibility of being seconded?

    If it is deemed necessary as part of the career plan formation, there is possibility to be seconded to a group company. It is also possible to be seconded to a group company as part of improving operational efficiency, such as working share with a group company.

    Please tell me about your development regarding overseas business.

    We have a tie-up with DB Schenker, and overseas transportation is carried out on a global scale by transporting through the company's network.

    Please tell me about your specific job

    《 Head office 》
    The tasks of head office are planning the formulating and manages policies, and supporting work of the sales offices. Head office is the center brain of Seino Transportation, which decides and implements important policies as a whole.

    《 Sales office 》
    We provide consistent business support and management from the pickup to delivery. Please try to improve your skill with an awareness of the issues. In addition, you will experience the indispensable operations to operate the sales office, such as sales activities for customers, labor management, cash accounting management, etc., and perform comprehensive operations.

    Should I be transferred to another departments or branches?

    We will carry out strategic job rotation and aim to become a Manager / Director, so we are thinking of career advancement accompanied with job rotation.


    Can I choose a region of employment?

    We will give priority to your desired work place. However, we may not be recruiting at the sales office of your choice, so in that case, we may guide you to a nearby sales office. In addition, please confirm your desired work place from the Sales Office Search. If it written 〇〇 Seino Transportation, it means a group company, so each group company will be the contact point for hiring.

    I'm inexperienced, is that okay?

    During the first 1-2 months of the training period, senior employees will give one-on-one guidance, and after that, the aptitude will be determined by an examination before becoming a single crew member. Since we are using public roads, we will not allow any compromises in terms of safety. You will be a single crew after learning the basics as a professional driver. Please be assured.

    Is it possible to change from a sales driver position to a long haul crew position after joining the company?

    There is a job type change system, and you can change the job type from a sales driver job to a long haul crew job (or vice versa) from a long haul crew job to a sales driver job. After joining the company, we operate a job type change system based on the idea that you should select the job type that suits you best and perform best there.

    What kind of license do I need?

    People who have already obtained an ordinary car license for sales driver positions * AT only is impossible (ordinary car license after the revision of the Road Traffic Act in March 2017 is also OK), and for long haul crews, a large car license is required .. A forklift driver's license is also required for both job types. If you have not obtained one, you will be required to obtain one after joining the company.

    How do you get the job done?

    We have adopted a group system for driver positions, and we cooperate within the group to work efficiently. If something trouble would happen, we will solve the problem smoothly while communicating in a group centered on leaders and sub-leaders. In addition, we are working together while helping each other, such as cooperation within sales office including each groups.